Types Of Accounting Outsourcing

Виды аутсорсинга

By selecting the use of outside specialized companies (so-called outsourcing), many business and corporate leaders naively believe that since the signing of the accounting service contract, all audits will be the headache of the " coming accountant " . But, in fact, everything looks a little different.

Indeed, the outsourcing company will provide substantial assistance in addressing many accounting objectives, but at the same time each party has a clear understanding that any verification will only be able to take place without consequences if effective bilateral cooperation exists, where responsibilities are defined for each of its participants.

For now Accounting Outsourcingwhich specialized companies offer in our country can be divided into two types.

The first type is a processing outsourcing, where accountants process the documents that the client provides, and without analysing the correctness of the information specified in these documents, conduct wires. As a result of this work, tax and accounting records are prepared. Despite the fact that such a form does not verify the comparability of the documents provided, as well as the lack of analysis of these documents, the processing outsourcing has become sufficiently popular with domestic entrepreneurs.

Its benefits are considered to be an attractive price, and when the company ' s economic activities are small, such outsourcing is fully justified. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that problems with outsourcing may arise when irregularities are detected in the process of tax checks. In such cases, errors are often not due to malpractice, but simply to the negligence/inexperience of those responsible for the preparation of the primary (including suppliers), contracts, or who has taken the accounting policies of the enterprise. In this situation, guilt is recognized by the employer, and it is generally not possible to hold the accounting company accountable, as it was only responsible for the processing of the documentation provided to it. If the primary records have been miscalculated or documents have not been made available on time, the accounting company is also entitled to reject its fault.

Unfortunately, it has to be noted that in reality many companies have experienced the unpleasant situation described above, and in some cases it has led to recovery. ♪ ♪

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