School Outsourcing Contract

Bethlehem a
договор на оказание

Best outsourcing company for accounting. Alternatives. The formal requirements for the outsourcing company. Quality of outsourcing. Minor work.

According to article 7, paragraph 3, of the Federal Act No. 402-FZ " On Accounting Account " (hereinafter, the Accounting Accountancy Act), the head of the school is obliged to account for the general accountant or other official or to conclude an accounting service contract.

Under article 7, paragraph 6, of the Accountancy Act, a legal entity with which an economic entity concludes a contract for the provision of accounting services shall have at least one employee who meets the requirements set out in Part 4 of this article with whom the contract is concluded.

On 1 July 2013, a contract for the provision of accounting services was entered into between Moscow Kindergarten No. 573 and the Intercompe Accounting Centre.

In the case No. A40-124228/14, the Court of Arbitration of Moscow and Order of the Ninth Arbitral Appellate Court issued in case No. A40-124228/14, the claim for damages was satisfied with the Intercomplement OBO because it was proved that damages were caused by an improper performance of the OSS ' s " Intercomple " obligations under the contract for the delivery of financial services.

In case No. A41-60217/14, the Court of Arbitration of the Tenth Appellate Court granted the Intercompany Court ' s claim for the collection of arrears and non-sustainable contractual services.

A contract for the provision of accounting services No. 2713-4-2013-Bo-Mc has been concluded between the GCO Intercomple (Executive) and the FGBO " The Honourable History Museum " Warki Leninski (Requisitioner).

Non-quality Outsourcing services The company is not the only danger that can be encountered by concluding an outsourcing of accounting.

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