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Fix price expanded the outsourcing of t-infrastructures

Fix Price works in a unique fixed price format for the Russian market. The provision of favourable prices to consumers allows direct work with producers and low transaction costs.

Outsourcing plays an important role in achieving operational efficiency. The expansion of the MAYKOR contract will further contribute to this, as our accompanying structures will significantly unload. We have had successful cooperation with Maykor since 2012, which has also been one of the reasons for the contract ' s development " , commented on Lexin Oleg, Chief of Information Technology Fix Price.

Maykor, Russian-wide IT and business process outsourcing service provider, reported summer 2016 On another increase in cooperation with the Fix Price Fix Marketing Network. According to the new agreement, the number of equipment supported by the outsource has more than tripled.

Maykor provides services to the Fix Price stores. The service package includes installation, commissioning, installation of equipment, support of Front Office software, work with tax authorities on the installation and removal of cash equipment, replacement of consumables. Today, the contract covers the Central, North-West, Privlaz, North Caucasus, South, Ural and Siberian Federal Districts. It's over 1,000 outlets.
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