Outsourcing Medical Services

Outsourcing medical examination of insurance cases
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In recent years, many Russian companies have resorted to the practice of assigning separate functions of their enterprise to outsourcing (transferring separate functions and business processes to specialized companies). The most frequent motive for its application is the intention to reduce non-currency costs. In our company, the experience of outsourcing processes such as automobile, courier, cleaning, Call Centre.

Increasingly sophisticated technologies transfer or plan to outsourcing. Effective use outsourcing in the organization There should be a special management strategy that supports it in an appropriate manner through established internal processes and special interaction with external organizations. Clear and clear outsourcing policies based on the company ' s business strategy are key to success.

Experience has shown that the detailed and analysed business processes of the organizations allow for the optimum allocation of tasks between internal and external actors, i.e., making clear decisions about the need for an outsourcing function.

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