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5 articles on savings in accounting:
During the crisis, and not only, every manager is looking for savings, but not everyone knows that by simply transferring accounting to outsourcing, savings can be realized in five ways:
1. The accounting services are paid for specific accounting services, rather than a simple full-time accountant in the office;
2. In the case of a full-time accountant, 30 per cent of the premiums should be paid in excess of his salary, and in cooperation with the IP or the law enforcement, these costs are borne by them;
3. If the accountant works in your office, you give him a job, software, refresher courses, information support at your own expense, in the case of accounting, you don't belong to these objects of expenditure;
4. Staff members periodically leave on leave or hospital, the replacement of a missing staff member may entail additional costs and, in the case of outsourcing, there is no need for such a replacement because you pay for the function and who will perform it, the care of the service firm;
5. Most importantly, the cost of accounting services can be recognized, i.e. reducing taxes by 15 per cent or 20 per cent of this amount, depending on the tax system.
You and I just shared a secret, how to cut down five objects of expenditure, do you know how many secrets I'll tell you in closer cooperation? Turn around, it's your first advantage!

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