Outsourcing Of Accounting Services To Organizations

guarantor ars: accounting services to organizations
АБК Групп - Аутсорсинговая

Garant Ars offers a complete set of activities for the management, management and recovery of remote accounting. We provide accounting services to organizations with precise compliance with the requirements of the law and taking into account current regulatory changes.

The company started its work in 2000 and was among the first to offer a remote accounting support to the Moscow market. More than 15 years later, we look proudly backwards: we have gained serious experience, a substantial increase in the number of services provided, our clients have expanded to 1,000 companies, and more than 100 professional accountants have become part of a coherent mechanism that works exclusively for clients.

At the professional level, we provide accounting services and a stance for the proper, accurate and timely implementation of our commitments.

The company works in audit, finance and consulting, but the main focus of the Harant Ars is accounting services. We're willing to keep all the accounts of the client, including personnel and tax records, Payroll and the formation of the company ' s basic financial documents. Provides accounting services to the GS and IPs, and cooperates with companies that are only starting a professional path and with those who have an impressive history.

The competencies of our staff include:

  • Elaboration of basic regulatory instruments for accounting and tax accounting (accounting policies, primary documentation forms, personnel documents).
  • Preparation and processing of primary documents.
  • Organization and maintenance of documentation.
  • Preparation, submission and restoration of any form of reporting (FNS, FSS, FIU, Rosstat).
  • Monitoring of payments with funds and IFN.
  • Audit of accounting and tax documents (including IP, GS and other types of ownership)
  • Advice on any financial matters.

If you're still thinking about making a decision, we're suggesting that we read a detailed article that we hope to raise doubts:

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