Outsourcing Accounting

Accounting outsourcing, provision
Ведение бухгалтерского учета

Why do more companies choose? Accounting outsourcing accounting? Today, professional accountancy escorts have a number of advantages over staff:

There is no need to provide a job, pay for licenses of expensive programs.

Savings up to 30% on contributions to extrabudgetary funds.

Continuity in accounting, leave or disease independence is ensured.

You can focus on business development, knowing that tax payments will be made by professionals.

It is felt that qualified accounting services are costly. But when comparing the cost of a full-time accountant, it can be concluded that often outsourcing accounts benefits even for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

On our website, you can independently determine the estimated value of your organization ' s support, using the costing index of services.

Your tax system.

Simplified (SFN 6 per cent) Simplified (SFN 15 per cent) Total (with VAT)

Number of operations per month


up to 50

up to 100

Over 100

Number of staff

up to 10

up to 20

Over 20

Value of services: from 3,000 roubles per month

The precise calculation of the value is always a separate procedure and depends both on the nature of the transaction and on the requirements and wishes of each Client. Our experts will be able to assess objectively and qualitatively the final value of the accounting escorts at the immediate meeting.

Selection of Mikhails and Partners You get a reliable business partner. Financial and accounting services are the main areas of our work at the time of our company ' s founding

Full confidentiality of all information.

Definite compliance.

20 years of successful market work.

High staff qualifications. Ongoing training.

Access to the most relevant information.

Legal, personnel, tax, legal support.

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