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The long experience of OFT Group in the repair and maintenance of a wide range of office equipment of known brands - copy and fax machines, laser, string, light-bed printers, multifunctional devices - is a guarantee for our clients of the quality of the services provided. The Office ' s office for the repair and maintenance of office automation equipment is divided into special units that service each specific type of equipment.

They conduct routine preventive inspections of equipment, maintain records, all work performed by them meet the requirements of existing standards. Their narrow specialization guarantees the highest level of repairs, the qualifications of such staff, and it is possible to determine the malfunctions of different levels of complexity. The repairs relate to all office equipment as part of the computing infrastructure, including:

  • Reception.
  • Search and repair the cause of the fracture.
  • Report on progress.
  • Recommendations for further exploitation.
  • Management of storage and logistics of office spare parts.

Servicing outsourcing or subscription services - This is the transfer of the individual functions of the enterprise providing similar services on lease terms. By transferring the right to outsource the information technology of our company, you receive a large team of highly skilled professionals in various fields of computer technology, software developers to install equipment. On the basis of the tasks facing the employer, we are choosing the best programme for the implementation of the project to establish an updated document system and the subsequent provision of a press outsourcing. As a specialized representative of this service, we are fully responsible for the quality of output. You can directly influence the production process and the quality of the service.

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