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Your search for professionals for your business ended here and now. STOPLUS will solve all your production problems through personnel outsourcing.

How does that work? It's very simple: at a minimum price, you'll be able to engage in the task of your business with an additional labour force to carry out any mandated work as soon as possible. Interested? Then let us consider, in detail, what other benefits are derived from the rental of staff.

Services Personnel outsourcing

By providing human resources outsourcing services to our clients, we always follow the rule: maximum quality at minimum price. By approaching us, you can be confident that the tasks you have set will be accomplished within the shortest time frame and with the best result.

The services of STOPLUS include:

Personnel outsourcing at the FTASPLUS

Why do you need personnel outsourcing? Each major business faces a very difficult problem at an early date: when the number of tasks that need to be implemented exceeds all reasonable limits and the staff are not sufficient. In such cases, the same happens. The Personnel Service is energizing all its forces to attract additional labour. The new staff are requested for their (whether difficult, in principle) work at a disproportionate amount. And the accountant's starting to stay late to process a huge valley of documents and eventually to report the disgraceful news: if it goes on, the budget starts to rub.

That's where you're going to help us with a human resources outsourcing. By hiring additional personnel, you're significantly accelerating all business processes in your company. New staff members have not yet been able to dim in the routine, so they're doing all the work with a double enthusiasm, you're just gonna give up the assignment, and you're not gonna make it all right. At the same time, all documentary and accounting concerns are on our shoulders. Thus, Rental of staff, you get the following advantages:

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