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buhsgr5634You do your business, and we're your accountant!

We're offering a full set of accounting services in Astrahani. From ad hoc, such as completing 3-NDFL declarations and advising, to the integrated accounting and personnel escorts called accounting outsourcing.

Accounting It's good for small companies that want to optimize their costs. Young entrepreneurs and start-ups who should not waste time on accounting issues but focus on developing their business.



Workplace ECONOMY: computer, accounting and reference programmes, furniture, consumables, updates, etc., we'll pay for everything.

Tax-based economy: Your accountant's salary adds to you additional costs in the form of NDFL (13 per cent) and taxes with FLP (30 per cent) and our monthly fee reduces your expenses by lowering the profit tax (income tax). KVALIFICATION: We have experienced professionals, they have regular refresher courses, and the quality of our services is guaranteed by continuous internal monitoring of the performance of your staff. ♪

RESPONSIBILITY: We are fully responsible for the mistakes made by our staff.

STABILITY: Your accountant can leave or get sick, we're always at your service.sgr-0tz-9890 The best professionals will help minimize taxes, suggest a way out of a difficult situation, provide financial security.

Calling us:

At this time, only those who have already used the services of our company can be trusted. Read real feedback from real companies that have been cooperating with us for years!

What are we different from the others?

Safeguards. All relationships are established by a contract in which all responsibility is recorded. Many companies do. ♪ ♪

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