Outsourcing Legal Services

Subscription legal services
юридическое обслуживание

If your company does not have a full-time legal position, or do you want to deal with a number of issues confidentially or with qualified, highly specialized lawyers, You can enter into a treaty with us for a subscription legal service.

The subscription services for legal persons include:

  1. Oral and written advice on the company ' s activities; opinions on the application of existing legislation to protect customer ' s rights and interests;
  2. Customer representation in relationships with natural and legal persons, public authorities and organizations;
  3. Participation in negotiations with counterparts in concluding contracts, resolving disputes over non-performance or improper performance;
  4. Development and legal analysis of all types of treaties, contracts, agreements and other legal instruments;
  5. Customer legal information (provision of regulations, background information);
  6. Law enforcement of business transactions, including real property transactions;
  7. Preparation of changes to the constituent instruments;
  8. Prepare expert opinions on the legal issues of organizations and enterprises.

The staff of your Legal Division will never leave, sick or quit, with important information and communication. They won't break your trade secret, they won't uncover confidential information, and they won't go to your competitors, because for us, it's the end of business and the loss of reputation that's developed by a serious approach to your questions.

The scope of legal services provided is not limited in the scope of the subscription contract.

Check the cost-effectiveness - you don't need to spend on a set of " wages, taxes, hospital leaves, accommodation, telephone, training and development " .

Your cost is the cost of subscription legal aid, which cuts the cost and reduces only the taxable profits of the enterprise.

Consider the outsourcing of legal services from Jurdela is likely to be much better for you than for a full-time legal officer.

Service cost:

The value of full subscriber services to organizations and individual entrepreneurs is 20,000 roubles (depending on the volume of work). Legal services are not limited.

More information:

Download. Commercial proposal
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