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It's outsourcing.
IT аутсорсинг в Нижнем

Outsourcing is a reversal of the necessary, inappropriate work for another organization. договор на ит аутсорсинг

Outsourcing, and in particular outsourcing, is a widespread phenomenon in Europe and its popularity in the world is steadily increasing, more than 72 per cent of consumers of services choose outsourcing.

Having contracted IT outsourcing, you save up to 70%:

♪ On the payroll of the staff: no IT division required
- Taxes: Don't pay NDFL and CN
♪ There's no need to duplicate specialists when they leave or get sick.
♪ At the office rental: additional jobs are available
♪ Technology services significantly reduce the risks of critical failures and critical information losses
♪ We guarantee the smooth operation of your company's IT infrastructure.

IT outsourcing has become more demanded in both large companies and small businesses every year. Increased interest relates to the obvious benefits of the outsourcing:

  • IT outsourcing reduces IT infrastructure costs by an average of 1, 5-2 times
  • IT outsourcing improves the overall safety and security of company infrastructure and confidential data
  • IT outsourcing allows for more flexible IT-cost management
  • IT outsourcing makes it easy to regulate the range and volume of services based on specific business objectives
  • IT Outsourcing riddance of the need to spend money and time to find, train and develop skilled IT staff
  • IT outsourcing often improves the reliability of the entire IT infrastructure by reducing the risk of business interruption
  • IT outsourcing allows the company ' s internal resources to be concentrated on the main operations

Main myths and obstacles to IT development:

IT outsourcing attracts growing attention from company managers, but there are a number of problems faced by outsourcing companies.

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