Eth Outsourcing Of The Kaluga

Eth outsourcing in gkaloug
Как выбрать компанию ит

Do you have an office, a store or a production where computer hardware is used? Then you need a specialist who will support her in working order and introduce new software. Today, a skilled technician is worth 20,000 roubles, plus pay and taxes. And then we have to make him work, not play toys. Because to load a good specialist, you need to have a computer park of more than 150 jobs, will your administrator pay 100%?

ProfService is offering you a subscription service for a computer and office technology fleet that will allow you to minimize costs. You pay only for the work of our specialists, which ensures 100% results at minimal cost. Computer maintenance is a complex process involving malfunction management and routine prevention, computer network monitoring.

A lot of people think the manager in the company's state solves problems faster than the outside firm is not. The immediate presence of a specialist requires only a small number of complex fractures, most of the user's problems can be solved remotely, our specialist will simply take control of the computer and resolve the problem remotely, using the Internet or consulting the user on the phone. Addressing us means creating an identifier with a unique issue and immediate elimination. We are installing computers in such a way that, if even the most difficult problem arises, it can be restored in 10 minutes. We're doing computer repairs at the hardware level, quickly replacing the details for new ones, or overpaying and repairing old ones.

We have experience in the organization of LANs in large enterprises where network equipment is subject to maximum load.

We're sensitive to your equipment and we don't allow hanging and obstructed wires, wires repressed by network cab doors and dusty in the corner of switches. All the wires we're pulling silicone pulls, hiding in the box, and getting off the user's eye. Computer networks are always organized in cable channels.

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