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If you need skilled IT services, our company is ready to offer affordable costs and a wide range of activities. The attractive price is not the only advantage of treatment. The IT outsourcing services in St. Petersburg provide for a rapid response and professional approach. Our organization ' s unpredictable reputation provides quality assurance in the performance of any complexity.

Services include not only the implementation of IT outsourcing in SPB, but also a range of other activities:

  • Audit of the organization ' s information field. Identifying areas of concern and developing approaches to address detected complications. Practice shows that the price of the service is quickly recovered.
  • 1C escort. The programme is the most popular solution for the Petersburg business. IT outsourcing services may include the work performed by specialists.
  • Serial decisions. These services include the construction and optimization of equipment. Their cost is affordable and does not allow for unnecessary budget expenditure.
  • VPN server set. Makes it possible to create a private network using a coded type compound. Such services are necessary for a company operating in a variety of ways.
  • Other settings. This could include a postal server, a network repository or an IP phone. The complexity of the project does not play a role as staff members are able to cope with any of their tasks.
  • Work on individual projects. Some situations require IT outsourcing or servicesincluding the special wishes of the customer. We have always sought an integrated approach for the most effective outcome.
  • Office maintenance. These services may be included in IT outsourcing or implemented separately. The price will be more profitable than a lot of equipment will have to be handled.
  • Data recovery. We're working with flash drives, hard drives and other media.

Individual approach.

All clients can expect their problems to be addressed comprehensively. Whether IT is outsourced in Peter or other services, the results will always be the best. This is achieved through a multi-year professional experience. Details of the cost, the cost of certain activities or advice can be obtained by contact telephone. The manager always strives to answer client questions in a sound and understandable language on IT outsourcing or other direction.

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