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IT Services

Unlike the usual maintenance of computers, IT services from ALP Group are carried out in accordance with best international practice in this area, ITSM (IT Services Management). This implies a qualitatively different level of service delivery: not separate infrastructure elements such as servers or work stations, but IT services for the company. In the IT services, outsourcing is supported by IT services that provide end-of-life business functions, E-mail, Accounting System, File Repository. The Employer is SLA (service level agreement) which describes key IT parameters for service providers.

Thus, in IT outsourcing, the focus of support from a technical approach is shifting towards a client ' s business assignment. In addition, a special unit, Helpdesk or Service Desk, is being supported to ensure a given level of IT accessibility.

IT outsourcing in accordance with ITSM standards allows companies to focus on their business profiles, creating value for their clients, rather than constantly focusing on IT infrastructure problems.

Computer maintenance ( Computer maintenance)

Computer maintenance is a traditional IT infrastructure service that is generally suitable for small businesses.

If your company does not have more than three servers and two to three workstations, the traditional maintenance of computers with a prepaid support package that includes both specialist and remote support for users and servers is often the best solution.

Meanwhile, in the maintenance of computers, we guarantee that such a choice will not affect the quality of support: we will secure back-up of business-critical information, build monitoring of pre-distance servers, connect skilled Helpdesk/Service Desk to your tasks and, if necessary, lead specialists. Computer service allows small businesses to devote more time to business development rather than to IT issues.

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