It's An Outsourcing

What is the outsourcing
ИТ аутсорсинг включает в себя:

According to the articles on Wikipedia,IT Outsourcing (Angl. IT outsourcing) - Partial or complete transfer of IT infrastructure support, maintenance and upgrading to companies specializing in the provision of subscription services to organizations with different skills, for which such work is a relevant activity.” (Wikipedia)

Let's figure out what it means to you as the head of the IT area.

Let's say your company is engaged in a trade that profits from selling goods or services. The company ' s profits consist of the company ' s income, less the cost. With the incomes, it's sales proceeds, and it's more costly. You know as much as I know, the cost of a modern company is taxes, wages, cheese, logistics, etc. The lion ' s share of costs is the purchase and maintenance of production equipment. “But we sell the services or goods that we buy, we do not have any production”, you say. I'll answer that your company has production equipment. Any computer or server or network equipment is production, sales are made, transactions are made. If you don't have computers that produce e-mails, servers that send this mail, network equipment that helps to reach the Internet, you and your staff would not be able to sell and make deals. If there's equipment, it's gonna have to be serviced, because the equipment will start working sooner or later, not as much as you'd like it, which means it won't be able to produce the product, and the company will be able to earn the income.

There are a number of strategies that can be maintained. The simplest way is to find an engineer who's qualified enough to service this equipment and take it to the state. Your company now has the necessary equipment and is a staff member or staff member who is responsible for servicing it. And it would seem to be closed, but since you're not a professional in the IT industry, and that's why you've been hired, as it appears, or may be, a professional or professional who works in IT for the first year and everyone knows. And there's a very significant risk - if you've saved a specialist, you'll get the quality of your service, and if... ♪

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