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net_abonent_block.jpgIT outsourcing is the transfer of all tasks related to the management of the company ' s information technology and its separate IT functions specialized in this area of the organization. This direction is now one of the most dynamic developments in IT services. Its use is effective for both large corporations and small and medium-sized businesses. Today, there are several IT outsourcing options that distinguish between the degree of participation of the outside company in the client ' s business. For example, depending on the company ' s needs, this could be a complete IT service, IT Consulting or exclusively systemic administration of parts of the infrastructure.

The essential condition on which successful cooperation and the maximum benefits of IT outsourcing depended was the literate choice of the service provider. The Information and Technology Centre VECKTR can brag about successful experiences in this area, which confirms our clients ' positive feedback.

Subscription services

The subscription service is a set of activities to maintain the work capacity of the client network, network equipment, servers and office equipment and to restore them as soon as possible as a result of malfunctions and failures of hardware and software.

Miscellaneous services

If your company does not consider it necessary to enter into a contract for computer subscriber services, but sometimes there are different kinds of difficulties, such as server management or missing information, our company is ready to offer you a one-time computer service.

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