Advantages Of Legal Outsourcing

6 august - business breakfast
Аутсорсинг в юридическом

The topic of business breakfast:
Business Legal Support

We'll discuss the most relevant legal issues in your business today.

You'll know:
Special features of GS or IP business. What's better today? We'll figure out real examples of our clients;
Tax checks. Tax checks: how to behave and what to do to tax personnel. Cameral and mobile tax checks: What can be expected of tax personnel?
Business grants. How and where do you get money for your company?
How to protect yourself and your business? Benefits legal outsourcing;

Business tomorrow for you, if you:
Manager or business owner interested in new successful contacts and legal security of his company
You want to start your business looking for new knowledge, money and partners.

Location: Bashny's business, Perimeter Covorcing, 16th floor, Carl Marx's Prospect, 201b.

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