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Modern industrial outsourcing
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autsorsing_1.jpgSensitizing to carry out the tasks by their own means - quality, praise and respect. But it's not always possible, and, to say, it's not always appropriate. It is not for all reason that an authoritative leader should be able to delegate his responsibilities in time, free himself from the task of dealing with inappropriate tasks in order to focus his efforts on strategic issues. Such logic is also applicable in enterprises.

The main principle of outsourcing is the use of external resources to meet domestic production objectives, if necessary. In Russia, outsourcing has been widespread over the past few years in the areas of IT technology and communications, financial and insurance services, and industry.

As to the nature of the industrial outsourcing, its features and development, we are talking to the Director of the Centre of Technology of the Machinostrogeny of the GK FINALE, Efremova Natalia Alexeievna.

♪ There has been a system of subcontracting production in Russia for many years. What's the difference between subcontracting and outsourcing?

Outsourcing itself has grown from subcontracting and is its continuation and development.

autsorsing_3.jpgSubstantive Unlike outsourcing The subcontract is that outsourcing is a management strategy for the company, involves a partial restructuring of both internal business processes in the company and its external relations. Outsourcing is not a one-time contract or subcontract. Subcontract is a partnership.

♪ What enterprises are relevant to industrial outsourcing?

autsorsing_4.jpgOutsourcing is required by enterprises that have limited access to various types of resources (in the case of industrial production): technological, skilled personnel.

Services are generally provided by companies with limited specialization in certain activities (mechanical processing, repairs, auxiliary production processes) with modern high-technology equipment and associated personnel.

There are a number of companies using outsourcing as their business model. They develop the product, carry out technical production, sell and promote the finished product, but directly manufacture, under their own technological and design control, are assigned to outsourcing, distributing the production programme to numerous external enterprises.

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