Legal Outsourcing

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ВЕДА, юридический аутсорсинг

We will be happy to receive a professional lawyer on our team, a fan of our case, who has already proven the ability to fight and win arbitration disputes, knows the interpretation of treaty work and is able to provide our Clients with well-designed and useful advice on various legal issues.

The formal requirements are:

  • 4 years of professional experience (work in legal counselling and free English language is the advantage);
  • Higher legal education (preference to graduates of the MOU, WSE, MISA);
  • Successful experience in arbitral tribunals, confirmed by judicial portfolio;
  • Good knowledge in the theory of private law and arbitration;

But it is our priority that each of us share the philosophy of the firm. That's why we won't be able to:

  • He leaves his job, leaves his case straightforward;
  • First of all, he thinks about money, not professional development;
  • I'm not ready to redesign the documents, bringing the legal product of our service to perfection.

But if you are:

  • You can recognize your mistakes, learn from them and learn continuously;
  • You don't regret yourself and you always leave comfort zone;
  • You're gonna break up in the stove, but you'll find a solution, and
  • If your environment, among other things, values you for the decency,
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