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Outsourcing forms
Виды аутсорсинга

In the use of outsourcing, companies develop their own forms, which can be classified as follows:

1. Complete (maximum) outsourcing

This term is used to refer to a contract in which staff members and possibly assets related to the main activities of the enterprise (in fact 90 per cent of such activities), such as information technology or finance, are transferred to the service provider for the duration of the contract.

2. Partial (electoral) outsourcing

This form of outsourcing can only be observed in the manufacture of various expensive products (e.g. domestic appliances).

In addition, partial outsourcing may include the redistribution of a specific package of functions to another firm or a subsidiary established for that purpose, as the experience they have accumulated in certain areas of production makes it possible to benefit from this.

Using outsourcing enables firms to eliminate traditional market competition, in particular price, as well as the potential threat of innovation and other forms of competition from third firms.

Under such an agreement, a large part of the functions of the unit remain under the authority of the client.

3. Joint outsourcing

The term " joint outsourcing " introduced by British EDS describes one of the outsourcing options in which the parties to the agreement are partners. However, some professionals have recently used this term to describe subcontracts involving multiple service providers.

4. Intermediate outsourcing

This type of outsourcing occurs when the organization transfers the management of its systems and platforms to a third party, believing that its own IT specialists can develop new systems. The organization planning to conduct intermediate outsourcing tends to demonstrate a high level of confidence in the capabilities of its IT specialists.

5. Transformation outsourcing

Unlike the intermediate outsourcing, the organization invites a service provider who completely reorganizes the work of the unit by developing new systems and establishing a solid knowledge and skills base that is then passed on to the client. Transformative. ♪ ♪

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