Price Outsourcing

Кадровый аутсорсинг Внешний

Personnel is an integral part of any organization. The human resources management process should be accompanied by relevant documents. The daily routine takes considerable time and effort. It is the transfer to the outsourcing of human resources to experienced MOSUORARANT specialists.

Outsourcing your staff

  • Exemption of company ' s domestic resources for the main activity
  • No need to hire a staff member to handle and replace a staff member in case of sickness or leave
  • Improved quality of human resources management. MOSUERGARANT is financially responsible Human Resources Outsourcing.
  • Personnel outsourcing services

    MOSUERRANT proposes the following types outsourcing of human resources services:

  • Installation of human resources documentation system
  • Personnel audit.
    The company ' s specialists will conduct a set of activities to verify the correctness of the processing of personnel documents in accordance with existing legislation.
  • Human resources serviceswhich includes the following functions:
  • The outsourcing of the Personnel Division releases the company ' s internal resources.

    Аутсорсинг кадров в Москве
  • Management of company employees ' records, processing of T-2 cards
  • Staff accommodation, movement, leave, separation of staff
  • processing Personnel orders Notes
  • Timely transfer of records to accounting for payroll
  • issuance of travel documents to assign costs to the enterprise
  • Monthly reports on company personnel
  • registration in compulsory health insurance
  • treatment of sick leaves
  • Compulsory Health Insurance Policy (MHS) if there are non-Muskwa staff
  • Traditionally, the cost of human resources services is determined by the client ' s area of activity, but the flexibility of the MOSURGARANT tariffs has shown to facilitate a mutually acceptable contract.

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