Outsourcing Arrangement

2016 - new treaty format

Новые договора от группы компаний ДАС-группOutsourcing in 2016 is legal?

Outsourcing and outstafing in 2016 are facing major changes, which will affect many employers and researchers. About 3 million Rossians work on the nove of private recruitment agencies. Formally, all these people remain agency workers, and they actually work in the subcontractor ' s territory. The format is convenienced by the employer, the implementing officer and the outsourcing company: the first pays a fixed amount without taking into account strict requirements of the labour law and mandatory pay; the second receives income by paying the employee a fixed fee, irrespective of the actual work performed.

Under the Federal Act on Amendments to Certain Legislation of the Russian Federation No. 116-FZadopted as early as 05 May 2014, outsourcing and outposting in 2016 will operate under new regulations. This regulation re-establishes old relationships, and if outsourcing changes only the form of a transaction, outstafing-2016 expects serious legislative innovation.

Outsourcing-2016: new format

The Act requires the employer and the implementing agency to re-establish their relationship. Previously, outsourcing, the outsourcing of certain labour functions, was a service contract. Companies could order outsourcing business process, production or IT.
The most demanded market was and remains the outsourcing and outstaffing format.

The demand for them is unlikely to change in 2016: companies will also be willing to hand over collateral functions, such as accounting, clinicing or logistics, to agencies. The employment of an agency worker in these cases is covered by a contract. The new outsourcing 2016 is precisely the new form of the transaction.

How do you make it right? What conditions would it provide?

DAS Group Lawyers have already taken care of this and have developed full and legally literate Contracts for such situations. By renegotiating the contract with the agency, all outsourcing 2016 and after the entry into force of the FS-116 can be easily realized.

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