Outsourcing Staff Management

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Аутсорсинг и кадровые службы

In doing so, there is no hindrance to this view from the heads of domestic owners. However, this function is essential and indispensable. Understanding this is now beginning to come from highly advanced owners and directors-general.

This article sets out practical experience in improving the cost-effectiveness of reforming the staff management system in companies. This was realised by the outsourcing of staff management.

Thus, a group of ZernO companies is represented by three industrial enterprises: the Zero-Perpeting Unit (ZEPA), the Zero Remont OAO and the ZeroTransport OAO. Each enterprise had a staff management unit. The staffing tables of the units are presented in table 1.

At the outset of this exercise, it is necessary to assess how much the company is currently costing the staff management service.

For starters, we'll define the list of objects of expenditure. In the case before us, they are:

1. Staff search costs:

through human resources agencies

- Internet sources

- Through the media (televisor, magazines, newspapers, etc.)

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