Outsourcing Of Temporary Staff

Construction personnel
Использование аутсорсинга

The construction professions are one of the most needed specialists in the Russian labour market today. And that's not surprising, cities are expanding, multiple neighbourhoods and streets, and there's a growing need for new facilities, housing, offices, production units.

Our brigades are composed of a few people, usually between two and six, at the request of the Custodian, more.

These brigades are made up of specialists of a broad range under the leadership of a experienced slave. Before construction begins, the slave carries out work rates, sets out the materials necessary for construction, the duration of the work and other points.

The cost and timing of the selection of construction personnel are specified on a case-by-case basis, depending on many factors, mainly on the complexity of the project.

We are capable of carrying out very large projects, taking any key object. On a continuous and ad hoc basis, short-term applications are carried out on average in seven days, replacements are free of charge and on the day of application.

We provide only trained staff ready for full-time work from the first day.

Staff Line Group is a dynamic developing company in the Russian service market since 2003. Main areas of service delivery: outstaffing and staff leasing; outsourcing of staff, outsourcing of business processes and separate functions, integrated outsourcing; site management, asset management, real estate operation.

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