Outsourcing Of Communications Services

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Мобильная спецсвязь

Following an already routine process of outsourcing services for wireless communication networks, in particular the operation of base stations, antenna-machine facilities, VOLS main channels, the outsourcing market of SPA networks is now being developed. Incrementally, communication operators, together with them and professional service providers, have gained experience in the first projects on the outsourcing of fixed SDA networks in urban areas.

In our country, until recently, telecommunication companies were outsourced with some trust, with no clear indication of what business process is profitable to transfer and what to keep in the company, and by which the outsourcing company will earn its income. The main concerns of customers are also related to the issue of control and quality of service providers. To this end, pilot zones for the transfer of cellular infrastructure to the support company were recently established, where the entire network infrastructure service was operated. After several years, it can be recognized that, despite existing risks and uncertainties, the transition to outsourcing is a legitimate evolution in the development of communications operators. Operators have learned to interact on a new service arrangement for their networks, the economic impact of outsourcing wireless networks encourages fixed access operators to also consider the transfer to their SCO network.

The operation of the CPA operator ' s access network is extremely costly and does not generate direct income, but nevertheless diverts large human, temporary and financial resources. Today, it is clear that the operation of the network, as opposed to, for example, sales and service management processes, is not the main business process of communications companies, and from this perspective can be transferred to outsourcing.

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