Outsourcing Logistics Services

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Аутсорсинг логистических услуг

Logistic outsourcing is the acquisition of logistics services from a third party. The essence of the service is to reduce the company ' s costs in the delivery chain by involving a qualified professional, a logistics operator, in the business process.

In Russia, logistical outsourcing emerged at the juncture of the late 1980s, the early 1990s, when the first legal capitalists emerged after the development of corporate movement in the USSR. During that remote period, the logistics services provided to third parties were fairly primitive. Most of them were monoservices, transport or storage, and of course customs brokers. Today is logistics Outsourcing in Russia is different from its starting point during the accumulation of seed capital. Russian companies, called logistics operators or logistics providers, are well suited to the world level of equipment and development in their industry. The classic logistics operator has a modern leased or own A-class warehouse complex; B; skilled management staff with higher and medium-sized technical education, logistics and transport, effectively manages customer business processes; own container park or other rolling stock. Thanks to these logistics operators, many distributors, major importers, producers of goods provide and maintain the balance of trade flows in Russian trade networks.
As a result of the 2008-2009 crisis, many small and medium-sized and some large, inefficient asset managers, logistics companies have ceased to operate. They broke up or went bankrupt. Only those who managed to optimize their state in the midst of the crisis were survived, to escape the loss of operations, to redesign empty warehouses and office space to sub-airns or other profitable purposes.

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