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Group of Industry and Industry Reserve companies: " Our activities contribute to the growth of production and the improvement of the lives of Russians "
Компания “Партнер”

Группа компаний «Промышленно-кадровый резерв»: «Наша деятельность способствует росту производства и улучшению жизни россиян» Industry and Capital Reserve Group, a market leader Personnel outsourcing♪ It is well placed to attract skilled personnel from various specialties to Russian Federation enterprises.

It is fundamental that the company ' s professional team is formed by involving workers (FP citizens) from depressive regions with high unemployment rates, thereby reducing social tensions and improving the welfare of the least protected sectors of the population. Job placement in the GCO " PCR " allows people who have lost their jobs in their region and who are unable to move to the other, to work in a shuttle manner, to receive decent wages and not to change their place of residence. According to the financial director of the GCO, " GC PAC " Pavla Fedoseevainformation on job seekers is provided by the company by local employment centres and by the media about vacancies in all regions of Russia.

- Pavel Borisovich, what do you care about the workers?

♪ There are three key points. First, our company formally employs indefinite employment contracts and takes over the costs of travel from home to work place, provides special clothing and free comfort housing, arranges food, ensures safety at work. Secondly, our employees receive hourly wages and the accrual system is understandable and transparent. Thirdly, the company ' s wages are usually two to three times higher than at the previous place of work.

♪ Why is business profitable working with you?

♪ Most importantly, by using the Industrial and Productive Reserve, enterprises can significantly reduce organizational costs. Imagine that the enterprise needs to urgently execute a certain order and that the personnel are short. What do we do?

The first option is to recruit, train or retraining workers. But it's long and costly.

The second option is to use human resources outsourcing. We can ensure the quality and speedy selection of personnel, up to the narrow skills, to arrange for their delivery to the enterprise. We'll set up brigades ready to start work. The enterprise does not have to certify the qualifications of employees: this is the area of our responsibility and competence. Our services are particularly interesting to those companies whose staffing levels cannot be reduced or increased depending on seasonality.

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