Outsourcing Software Development

Аурига. Аутсорсинг разработки

Now, in the business, one of the most popular terms now is outsourcing. Outsourcing in English translation means " use an external, external source " . For commercial activities, outsourcing can be defined as relinquishing its own business process and procuring services from outside organizations. In any business area, outsourcing is commonly used in situations where a certain amount of work is required, which is unprofessional or secondary to the contracting authority, and therefore information technology outsourcing is a fairly common phenomenon. Specialized IT companies are now commissioning a wide variety of projects, ranging from the development of information technology strategies to the development of applications, and this is due to certain advantages.

First, by addressing part of its tasks to companies specializing in a certain type of activity (e.g., in the development of annexes), the quality and reliability of the tasks can be improved, as can the predictability of the result. Second, the outsourcing of part of non-completion work would not distract its own staff members from activities not in accordance with their professional aspirations. Thirdly, a subcontractor specializing in certain types of work has considerable experience and replicable solutions for model tasks, which is cheaper and faster. Fourthly, it is companies that specialize in a form of IT services that have the most advanced technologies, as they are the key to success. Finally, the outsourcing of applications would not allow the IT unit to contain the designers, thereby avoiding problems related to their management. Of course, the first proponents of IT outsourcing have already been identified among the managers and owners of Russian companies, and in particular the outsourcing of software development is being used because of the travel of their own developer team.

However, the outsourcing of software development has a number of specific features, and it differs significantly in cases where the contracting authority does not develop software (PP) and when. ♪ ♪

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