Outsourcing And Outstaffing

«Аутсорсинг и аутстаффинг

Perhaps by asking that question abroad, even a child would be able to give you an answer. In Russia, however, this direction has been developed relatively recently. Despite this, outstaffing services have greatly benefited most firms and organizations throughout the country.

In English translation, the word outstaffing is presented in the form of a combination of two words: out, outside, and staff, which means “state”. The phrase " outside the state " could serve as a letter of translation. As a rule, it is common in Russia. Very often, this notion is confused with “outsourcing of staff" which in turn is necessary for the transfer of functions. Most of the services are not used for savings (as in outstaffing) but for the release of resources. Then what's outstaffing? This is primarily the transfer of staff from one organization to another, subject to the security of a number of duties. To make it easier to understand, imagine that you need to deliver your products to another city. However, it is not your firm ' s intention to open it. In this case, by contacting the outstaffers, you will provide yourself with temporary staff outside your organization.

Outstaffing principle

Having learned the concept, it is worthwhile to explore in greater detail the objectives of " staff " . Let's say you got a big and heavy load. You should hire a permanent employee. But if this shipment comes to you once a month? Do you agree to spend your precious time and money on posting, interviewing, processing and other unpleasant troubles? But not to force their employees to unload the goods, given that they are not qualified in this area. We'll help you here. Without staff outposting services It's not possible. She'll help you significantly reduce your potential costs. As you understand, the primary benefit of outstaffing is, of course, yours.

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