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Today, managers of active developing companies have little dilemma about the introduction and application of innovative personnel management technologies in business. The right selection of personnel and the establishment of productive systems of motivation and adaptation of workers, as well as their development, are essential aspects of effective business management.

In many companies, especially large corporations, staff selection is at the service of staff. However, very often the staff of the Division, who often consists of one HR manager, have many ongoing tasks. Which means that the Personnel Service doesn't have enough time for a good job selection. In addition, staff members of such a division should continuously introduce new methodologies and develop additional knowledge in this area. Typically, such skills are taught in specialized training and courses. Regrettably, not every specialist has sufficient resources to attend such classes, and not always the firm is willing to pay for additional vocational training. Therefore, companies have to find alternative ways of addressing this challenge.

It may be a very effective choice that will make it possible to trust the selection of the staff to real professionals. It is the transfer of human resources to a team of specialists who have extensive experience in HR management.

Let us consider which organizations choose outsourcing of human resources records and what their choice is justified.

In the first place, this is the way for companies that do not wish to maintain their own professional staff, as well as for those who are unable to continuously acquire and update licences and software.

Also outsourcing of human resources services Choose foreign companies that work in Russia relatively recently. This is due to the fact that new players in the market may not be sufficiently familiar with the characteristics of local legislation and human resources.

The outsourcing of personnel records is often used by companies that want to concentrate all available resources on their priorities.

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