Accounting Outsourcing And Customer Relationship Methodology

Methodology for selection of outsourcing services
Специальные методы и процедуры

Senior Lecturer, Department of Management
RCTU NewsK Institute
To them. D.I. Mendeleev

A key point in determining the success of outsourcing is the right choice of the outsourcing provider. Outsourcing is not just a type of partnership (as opposed to conventional subcontracting) but a company management strategy that involves some restructuring of corporate processes and company external relations. At present, there is no clear description of the way outsourcing is chosen in Russia.

A summary of the practical experience of outsourcing companies can be identified in five main stages in the selection of the outsourcing service provider (Figure 1).

The first stage is an examination of the outsourcing market, including the search for partners capable of meeting the customer ' s requirements for the required set of business functions. Detailed information on each of the possible service providers is needed. From market competition Outsourcing The number of options to be considered by the company ' s top management in the design of the project depends. An analysis of the various Russian markets offering outsourcing services showed that, with increased outsourcing, the cost of outsourcing projects was expected to increase. However, the same trends should encourage outsourcing to develop specialized projects to maintain their market position.

Inadequacy of the market also leads to overvaluing the cost of executing the order even in competitive bidding and the possibility of evading the quality of work with impunity, especially when the terms of the contract have not been fulfilled.

Not all markets are covered by large outsourcing companies. This is hampered by the legal regulation of foreign companies (e.g. financial and banking restrictions). The prosperity of such companies is directly dependent on the number of transactions, so they, like the customer, are interested in lowering costs and improving the quality of services.

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