Outsourcing Labour Relations

Irina Petren
трудовых отношений:

Recognize the problems in the relationship with the employees are enough for employers. And they start, no, not when they're fired, but when a job opens, literally from the threshold. As soon as you begin to fill out the selection application to put it on the work site, you're on the minefield. Today ' s worker knows the labour legislation almost as good as the employer.

So forget to specify in the requirements for the applicant Moscow or any other statement. Any citizen of the country may work anywhere in its territory and the requirement of a certain place of residence of the candidate shall be fined in the amount of income up to 18 months or compulsory employment or imprisonment for up to two years.

Forget the fact that the co-locator can not explain the reason for the rejection. At the request of the candidate, the company is obliged to provide it with a reasoned refusal in writing. If you have more than 100 people in the state, you will need the most important reasons for refusing to employ a disabled person. Proofing suitability in court is always difficult, and writing testing you to help.

So, in these and many other cases, you're gonna have to prove your legality a lot, a long time and a lot, and if you lose the process, you're gonna have to accept the man with whom the company has already had a conflict relationship.

Suppose you managed to hire a suitable staff member without excess. Note that his salary must be paid twice a month (in addition to taxes, insurance contributions and other contributions). A fine shall be imposed for each day of late payment. If less than 40 per cent of the total salary is paid, this is considered to be a delay in wages and also leads to penalties.

If your staff member is pregnant, you need to give her a part-time job and/or transfer to work that is easier than the previous one. And, of course, she can't be fired unless she's hired under an urgent contract that comes to an end.

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