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Companies outsourcing of accounting functions for 2015 from Expert Ra
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One more, seven on the agency account. RAEX The racking of leading Russian companies in the field of outsourcing of accounting functions shows a downturn in income growth in the market. In response to the crisis, outsourcing providers have flexible pricing policies and offer new products to clients.

Vartan Hanferyan

Ranking participants ' total income as a result of 2015 was 8, 5 billion roubles and their annual growth was 6 per cent. The current moderate growth of the outsourcing market is not encouraging, as the growth rate has declined for the second consecutive year: it was 10 per cent in 2014 and 24 per cent in 2013.

Almost one third of the participants in the current racking completed the year 2015 with a drop in the proceeds. This trend has been commented on in the Intercomple Group: " Our annual outcomes reflect current trends in business development in Russia and their impact on the market Outsourcing financial services♪ It is no secret that most of the companies using outsourcing accounting functions are foreign companies. Macroeconomics and the sanctions regime influence their activities. As a result, a number of clients are forced to reduce operations, resulting in a decrease in service delivery by providers. However, this is the efficiency of outsourcing services: the less transactions, the less cost. Conversely, if there is a shift towards growth, more services are available and needed. In addition, the changes in the Employment Act governing the outstaffing service were influenced by our incomes last year. This direction, however, is not a determining area for us in terms of profitability, but it is tangible in terms of extraction. In sum, it is worth noting that our group is an effective and geographically diversified business, where the slowdown in one segment is offset by growth in another " , describes the 2015 outcome of Ilya Pantelev, Director General of Intercompe.

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