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Аутсорсинг бухгалтерских услуг
бух. аутсорсингGeneral Service of the Federal

Effective accounting management

To date, companies have increasingly resorted to accounting outsourcing for the most active development. This service is one of the most effective business practices that helps the company to develop rapidly.


The main idea of outsourcing is to transfer the company ' s specific functions to the outside contractors (outsourcing).

Companies with the highest priority are time savings in the management of accounting trust and the ergonomic organization of business are most interested in such services. To date, accounting outsourcing is quite extensive, as noted above, the transfer of certain cases and functions to external organizations.

The benefits of outsourcing accounting.

Using our services, you get:

  • (1) No need to find a new accountant in seasonal business
  • (2) In possession of not one type of business, you will not need to have a few accountants, each of which works in your industry, so it is clear that the most rational for the company is to apply to the outsourcing company.
  • (3) Benefits from the sound use of financial resources.
  • (4) Transferring accounting records at any stage to our company.

Broad application of accounting Outsourcing in Moscow and foreign companies.

For example, in Great Britain, accounting implies only certain technical points (completing different forms, forms, etc.). These responsibilities are successfully transferred to outsourcing organizations.

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