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Corporate legal escort - legal outsourcing
Юридический аутсорсинг

юридический аутсорсингBy drawing another line, this time, under a decade of legal services provided by me and the Legal Company of Antant, I made a number of decisive conclusions. While representing interests in the arbitral tribunal is the main focus of my activities, during the years of work, it has proved to be a very effective way of interaction. The characteristic of such work is the economically more advantageous environment, with both parties to the service contract.

In an article by the Legal Counsel in Moscow, the Legal Outsourcing, I considered the legal escort of companies, namely, the choice of a literate and effective lawyer, pointed to the difference between staff. In this material, I will describe the fundamental difference between legal services and other types of legal services, list the decisive advantages for the reader to compare himself. If the information is not enough or it is disputed, please write in the form of a comment under the article.

What's legal outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the delegation of any matter to the company of the external (partisan) organization. Legal outsourcing - This is the transfer of part or volume of the legal work of the company providing legal services.

Beginning from the most important advantage of the legal outsourcing is its effectiveness.

I myself have been a full-time lawyer of organizations of various sizes for several years: from the lead legal adviser of the Claims and Judicial Service Division of the Moscow General Territorial Office of the Bank of Russia (MICS of the Russian Federation), where only lawyers in the thousands-measured state were about 80, to the sole legal adviser in a small choleding. He's always been treated in good faith and tried to get out of himself. But there are subjective basic concepts - incentives and initiatives. Who in six months, who in one year, who's in one, five or two years after employment, but business activity is always declining. Stimulating payments are not long-term and become part of expected income.

I've been doing private practice for years. Mostly, because of the low self-reliance, lack of experience and the weakness of the state of law, the treatment of managers, even large and public enterprises, to me has become systematic (which, in fact, prompted me to write this article).

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