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Computer services (it-outsourcing)
Выбор сервиса обслуживания

КалькуляторIT-Autsorsing is becoming more and more common. Why? There are two major reasons why it is beneficial to conclude a contract with a computer subscriber. The IT outsourcing contract provides a stable IT infrastructure in the enterprise and will cost less than a state specialist. Reliable, well-functioning computer network leads to the minimization of both staff and equipment. Direct and indirect costs are being reduced, which directly affects the profits and success of the company.

What are the benefits of IT outsourcing?

Let us look at the example:

We have a corporate network: 9 work stations and 1 Windows server with 1C programs.

Average cost of a low-cost system administrator who can work full day and maintain a network of 15,000 roubles per hand + NDFL 13 per cent. Plus, you'll pay pension and other contributions, which is about 30%.

15000( hand)+15000*13%(NDFL)+(15000*1, 13 %)*30%(CN) = 22,035 roubles, including all taxes.

What if we do that? The cost of services will be equal to:

9 Computers = 9*790 shirts

1 Server = 1*790

Total: = 7 900 roubles

As a result, 22,035-7,900 = 14,135 roubles per month benefiting from the use of IT outsourcing for the example of the network. Savings are very significant (around 20 per cent higher than a full-time specialist). In short of a monthly salary plus a full-time professional ' s taxes, the network can be serviced for three months. If a year is counted, the amount of savings becomes very impressive, some 169,000 roubles.

Please note that this money, under the service contract, will also include the construction and support of office equipment connected to client computers, IFIs, printers, scanners, etc. It's free. No additional payment is required.

Do you want us to consider how much service your network costs?

What's in our IT outsourcing deal?

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