Outsourcing In 2016

the " teenager " took on the outsourcing of the " biline " main networks

Rostelcom won a tender to service the main networks of the Wapelcoma in the Firewall. Rostelcom is ready to outsource networks and other mobile operators.

Rostelcom won the Bilina tender

Rostelek entered into a contract with Vampelcom (Bilin trademark) to outsource its main networks to the Volga, told CNews Senior Vice-President Rostelcoma Larissa Tokkaw♪ These are the main and area channels of communication " Vompelcoma " in the Reverend and a number of regions of the Far East, and have been clarified in the Retelecom press service.

These include the provision of such lease links to Vampelcom and the maintenance of Rostelcom ' s communications facilities at Vampelcom. In the press service, Vompelcoma confirmed that Rostelek had won such a tender.

In the Vampelcom, it was clarified that neither he nor other large cell operators were self-supporting their main networks. Accordingly, in other regions of the Vompelcoma presence, the operator ' s main networks are serviced by other organizations.

In Rostelcom, for its part, it is said that they are negotiating both with the Vapelcom and with other cell operators on outsourcing their main networks. For example, the MTS was interested in buying part of the capacity in the main channels in the Far East, but " Rostelecko " is not so interesting, is said by Tocca.

Milliard transactions by Rostelcoma with Baylan and Megafon

In 2015, Rostelek concluded a number of major transactions with cellular operators of the Big Tread. For example, Rostelcom agreed with Vampelcom to provide it with resources and infrastructure to accommodate up to 2019 equipment totalling i4, 5 billion. Also, Rostelcom has contracted for long-term leases of Vampelcom and Megafon lines for 10 years and 15 respectively, the total amount of these contracts is i1, 5 billion.

Active radio outsourcing

Now, Rostelcom's outsourcing is not ready. Although cell operators have experience in outsourcing their cell networks. For example, in 2010, MTS transmitted Nokia Siemens to outsource its cell networks in the Central District (except Moscow).

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