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GS Modern Technology provides a full range of computer subscriber (Infrastructure) services - IT outsourcing, IT audit and IT consulting. You'll have a team of specialists, sometimes with such specialization and knowledge that small businesses can't keep them in their state. Unlike the work of a full-time system administrator or division, which is sometimes difficult to track, computer services provided by our specialists are documented in various documents and subject to all safeguards obligations. Considering the cost of the same professional staff member, you will understand how costly it is to conclude a computer subscription contract, computer services and professional services. Our professionals will provide a really high-level computer service!


  1. A significant reduction in the cost of maintaining the computer and office equipment fleet.
  2. The possibility of placing the cost of maintenance on the direct costs of the enterprise, thereby reducing the taxable base.
  3. By concluding a contract with our company, you will receive not only one staff member, but a whole team of professionals who will be able to carry out a variety of tasks. No one, even the most qualified, will be able to meet the challenges of such a broad spectrum of issues.
  4. You won't have to bear the cost of providing your staff member's workplace and tools.
  5. Working with us, you will receive the fullest range of computer services and services: maintenance of equipment, maintenance of computer equipment, supply of kits and new equipment, supply of consumables, refuelling cartridges, installation of computer and telephone networks, Internet connections, etc.
  6. Immediately after the conclusion of the contract, we conduct a detailed audit of the IT infrastructure and reflect the results in the detailed report, with recommendations for optimization.
  7. All your applications are recorded in our CRM system with a report on the work done at the end of the month.
  8. There is a paragraph in our contract as the time of reaction to the application (from 10 minutes).

Cost items

Personal officer

Outsourcing from modern technologies

Organization of work and rental of space

Depreciation of computing equipment, etc.

Taxes for staff

Number of specialists required


The entire state of your service.


Suspension by choice

Cost of education, certification

Possible specialist illness


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