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IT Infrastructure

Integrated design of industrial enterprise IT infrastructure
The main feature of the industrial enterprise is the existence of fundamentally different levels of information systems that are critical to the challenges of different directions. The structure of the industrial enterprise imposes special requirements on the territorial distribution of information system levels, reliability and sustainability, and the availability of business-based industrial networks. The consolidation of all levels of enterprise ' s information systems into a single system greatly enhances its transparency and improves enterprise management.
IPPE ' s GS offers integrated design and management of the IT infrastructure of the industrial enterprise:
♪ Audit of existing infrastructure and information system
♪ Design and development of integrated IT infrastructure
♪ Project team development and training
♪ Upgrading and restructuring of the existing system
♪ Infrastructure maintenance (outsourcing) and information system
Lessons learned in designing model and individual projects take into account the individual characteristics of the Employer, ensures quality, reduces implementation time, makes a solution ambitious and cost-effective.
♪ Integration of disparate management levels into a single information system
♪ Ensure correct interaction between different levels of the information system
♪ Implementation of effective infrastructure and information system management
Integrating design will make it possible to apply to the target!
Server infrastructure virtualization
You want to lower the cost of the server infrastructure, facilitate the deployment and migration of applications?
The SPE PPI " INTPRO " offers a solution for the virtualization of the server infrastructure.
As the IT infrastructure develops, the cost of purchasing and operating servers is increasing. New equipment requires space in the bars, power and cooling. But how effectively do you use your servers? Today, the actual workload is often not more than 10 per cent.
Modern hardware enables several tasks on one physical server. And through virtualization technology, each annex can be implemented in a copy of an operating system that is logically isolated from physical yellows.
The virtualization system allows several programme modules to be combined in one high-productivity. ♪ ♪

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