Eth Outsourcing Red

Eat-outsorsing in the red-dar
IT аутсорсинг (приходящий

An enterprise that has entered into an information technology outsourcing (subscription services) contract receives a lot of benefits that are immediately reflected in the work of each staff member.

  • ITJ specialists maintain the organization ' s entire computer park in a timely manner, as well as routine and preventive work. Staff members do not have technical problems, which means that they can perform their core duties without taking care of computers;
  • Your company ' s IT infrastructure works much more stable, and the client does not have to maintain a full-time specialist, pays his wages, pays his taxes, provides annual leave and pays the sick leaves. IT outsourcing is thus economical;
  • The IT system subscribers are highly qualified and experienced. This allows them to deal with emerging issues quickly without delaying the business of your enterprise;
  • With sufficient experience and expertise, information system outsourcing specialists offer various options for improving existing IT infrastructure. Thus, the employer is able to meet the challenges in a planned manner, within existing budgets.

Integrated information system outsourcing

For large commercial and public enterprises, medium-sized and small organizations seeking to improve business efficiency, the Integrated IT Outsourcing option is ideal. At ATJ, the services include the following:

  • Auditing and consulting information systems aimed at establishing a single enterprise IT infrastructure;
  • Computer maintenance (renovation, prevention, legalization of software);
  • Full servers;
  • Establishment of a system of information security and the protection of confidential data;
  • Construction of a local area network of LANs, including through Wi-Fi wireless networks.
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