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Ith Outsourcing and maintenance
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IT Outsourcing - It's the use of external resources. This is a strategic business tool that enables the client to use the knowledge, experience, human and technical resources of the contractors to meet his or her non-target tasks. Makes the organization flexible, competitive advantage.

ит аутсорсинг - эффективность в цифрах IT Autsorg - savings and efficiency of the organization by deleting capital investments and spending only on services and the amount that are truly needed.

You don't have to pay for equipment, software, you don't have to pick, motivate, train, reserve staff for leave and sickness. You get a workable, up-to-date, effective product, as an outsourcing.

We propose:

  • staff - individual specialist or project team
  • Maintenance of workstations
  • Integrated maintenance of server infrastructure and information systems
  • Office of Services, Services and Resources

We provide services:

  • in accordance with best world practices such as ITIL, Cobit.
  • throughout Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus;
  • More than 100 highly qualified engineers;
  • in Russian and English versions 24x7.

and a qualified expert will tell you about our proposals.

IT services like outsourcing are our specialization!

IT Autsorg and technical support

Modern dynamic and changing businesses and their environment require lead companies to focus on substantive activities and improve operational efficiency.

In accordance with these requirements, the business challenges are:

  • A rapid change in business environments with unpredictable loads;
  • An adequate response to technological complexity;
  • Reducing maintenance and maintenance costs.
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