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Computer and outsourcing prices
АЙТИ-бюро - Профессионалы

Computer maintenance prices depend on the number of jobs in your company and the number of servers. The maintenance of laptops at a price is slightly higher than normal jobs. This calculation is not final, the value may change when additional services are ordered.

IT outsourcing - A combination of IT systems that are used to support business activities without the contracting authority. Any development organization is faced with the need to use information technology expertise and cost estimates for computers and other office equipment, as well as the organization of an information security service. Of course, it is possible to use the services of full-time professionals, but for your business to develop effectively, it is better that the industry be assigned to outsourcing professionals.
When computing, computer IT costs are defined as outsourcing costs and include the value of company output. Currently, the cost of maintenance of computers is considered to be the main production.

5-55 tariff plans

For the convenience of our clients, we are offering a few tariff plans that are different in the range of services and focus on the business profile of the client company.

Standard. One of the most popular tariff plans among companies. The outsourcing would include a standard set of services, such as the elimination of problems and deficiencies in computer software, the restoration of full-capacity of work (computer and optical periphery, telephone) and backup data, as required. In addition, computer services will include user requests, interaction with other IT providers, full data security. We provide a monthly progress report. In addition to computer services, our specialists are conducting periodic inspections of office automation equipment.

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