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Which is an outsourcing service
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IT outsourcing is a computer service that allows the client to transfer the IT support and development functions to the specialized company ' s structure in whole or in part. The benefits of IT outsourcing are that the employer will be able to concentrate his organization ' s forces and assets on the business sector that is relevant to him by assigning information infrastructure and company computers to professionals.

IT outsourcing consists of:

  • from the development of the organization ' s software or the installation of external producer software for each computer;
  • Technical support and maintenance of software applications;
  • Computer maintenance (including decisions to upgrade a computer);
  • Integrated maintenance of the enterprise ' s infrastructure in general, which guarantees the information security of the internal network (including the protection of computers against harmful programmes and unauthorized access);
  • Administration of computer and postal system NEOs and DSBs (reservation of data for recovery as necessary);
  • Provision of a duty officer to provide computer services 24 hours a day.


The notion of outsourcing IT could have been successfully used in the 1970s. At that time, the price of computer processing was too high for most of Moscow ' s entrepreneurs, which led many companies to use the facilities of the computing centres, each of which at that time was one large computer with several premises. This was a forced measure: to buy and use sophisticated and expensive computers on their own meant losing competitiveness. At that time, IT outsourcing has been identified as having the potential to conserve the funds of any company.

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