Outsourcing Harmful Working Conditions

Online inspection.rf: guarantees and compensation for certain categories of workers employed in harmful and (or) dangerous working conditions
Cпецоценка условий труда: как


Yeah, right. As of 01 January 2014, job performance in terms of working conditions has been replaced by a special assessment of working conditions (SLM). As a result of SWT, the working conditions are classified into four classes, optimum (1 class), acceptable (2 classes), harmful (3 classes) or dangerous (4 classes). Harmful working conditions are divided into four more sub-grade classes: 3.1 (injured working conditions 1 degree); 3.2 (injurious working conditions 2 degrees); 3.3 (injurious working conditions 3 degrees) or 3.4 (injurious working conditions 4 degrees).

The reduced working time is provided for in the Labour Code only for those staff members whose working conditions were found to be injurious by the TPNet to 3 or 4 degrees (i.e., class 3, sub-class 3.3 or 3.4) or dangerous working conditions (4 class). Annual additional paid leave shall be granted only to those staff members whose conditions of work as a result of SLM have been found to be harmful to work conditions 2, 3 or 4 degrees (i.e. Class 3, Divisions 3.2, 3.3 or 3.4). or dangerous working conditions (4 class). In this regard, increased wages are paid to all workers employed in work with harmful working conditions (i.e., class 3, regardless of the sub-grade of injurious work) or hazardous work (Class 4).


According to article 2. 3 Federal Act No. 426-FZ " On the special assessment of working conditions " , following a special assessment of working conditions, classes (grades) of working conditions are established (art. 3, para. 2 of the above 426-FZ). Article 14 of Act No. 426-FZ stipulates that the working conditions of the degree of injuriousness and (or) danger shall be subdivided into four classes - optimal, permissible, harmful and dangerous conditions of work.

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