Outsourcing Of Labour Protection

Аутсорсинг охраны труда

The Centre for Labour and Legal Information (Moscow) offers an outsourcing of labour protection in medium and small businesses: documentation development, integrated labour protection system organization, audit and advisory services, laboratory measurements.

Under Russian law, employers are obliged to ensure that their employees have adequate working conditions, including a work place that meets the legal requirements of labour protection. To this end, the enterprise should organize a special service or establish a staff member responsible for safety and labour protection. Otherwise, the relevant duties are assigned to the head (see Labour Code, art. 217). More useful, however, Outsourcing of labour protection and to transfer these functions to the service of an outside company accredited in accordance with the established procedure, as well as with quantitative and qualitative resources, for the proper and optimal implementation of all necessary activities.

  1. Release the manager from additional functional responsibilities.
  2. Don't increase the company.
  3. To establish a full-fledged labour protection system at the enterprise without cost.
  4. Develop labour protection instructions
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