Outsourcing Staff

Outsourcing or hiring staff?
и аутсорсинг сотрудников

Yours or someone else? Staff against outsourcing

If you have opened your business or started a new project, and you urgently need specialists to implement it, you only have two options for these professionals: hiring staff on a permanent basis or contacting Frilancers and outsourcing companies. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages, but the most controversial is working with Frilancers. The very notion of aussing has long extinguished a fairly weighted number of myths and legends. We're gonna try to figure this out, and is modern Russian outsourcing really a bad choice for a small business?

Russian outsourcing

First of all, I'd like to say that there's a perception that outsourcing in the domestic market is not necessary because it's bad. There are several reasons for this position. First, it is the total fear of managers to transmit their data and important information to unknown third parties who, at any time, can leak or sell to competitors. Second, Frilancers have a fairly low quality of work, with a significant cost of their services. More candid managers, among the reasons, also call the inability to scream personally and openly to a staff member, make him a real comment and make him work overtime right here and now.

In general, in most cases, Outsourcing in Russia becomes a victim of the psychological inability of small businesses to work with remote staff, while real problems with Frilancers are less than likely to appear at first sight. In contrast, in Europe and America, outsourcing practices are common, and remote staff represent a significant percentage of the entire state.

Outsourcing. Why should we make a choice for Frilancers?

As the main argument for the defence of outsourcing, K. Nordström ' s position is often set out in the Funk Business. The author points out that the business model, when the company only handles highly specialized activities and other professionals are engaged through the outsourcing model, is the most economically advantageous in the modern economy. Simply put, everyone has to deal with what he is a high-quality specialist, not to combine several fundamentally different activities within one enterprise, which will lead to a decline in productivity.

Another important advantage of working with Frilancers and temporary staff is that companies do not need to open a position on a permanent basis if, say, the services of a designer are required from time to time rather than from each project. That makes it possible to rationalize costs and avoid "work for work."

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