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Кадровое агентство «Статус»

Marketing agencies reported that the market for austaffing services has quadrupled over the past three years. This shows the strengthening of the legal dimension of the business. This enables Russian Personnel agencies To claim that this service is one of the most promising.

The leaders of domestic and foreign companies working in Russia have become interested in outstaffing since the 1998 default, when almost all have had to reduce the cost of staff. It has come to light that a large state is not a prerequisite for the full development of the company. Since then, the demand for outstaffing has been steadily increasing.

Outstaffing is often confused with outsourcing and leasing, although the differences between them are clear. In outsourcing, some non-staff functions, such as marketing, advertising, transport, catering, are out of the company, i.e. the employer buys a service rather than a specific employee. Under the leasing, the contracting firm hires staff members from a sales company that they are in. In general, staff members are being recruited for a certain project.

How does it work?

The outstaffing scheme is simple: the provider becomes a formal employer for the contracting company and assumes full legal and financial responsibility. The employees of the contracting authority are assigned to the state of the provider, where the duties of pay, taxes and labour relations are transferred in accordance with Russian law. In the language of personnel, staff members of the vendor are considered " seconded to the contracting firm " . The company and the provider concludes a contract whereby the employer remits the amount monthly to the perpetrator, which consists of staff members ' salaries, a single social tax and a trader ' s fee. Gonorrara is determined differently by providers: some prefer to work for a certain percentage of the general wage fund (usually not more than 25 per cent), others set a fixed rate for each staff member ' s affairs, and three choose one of these schemes, depending on the situation.

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