Personnel Office Outsourcing Services

Кадровый консалтинг

Russian labour legislation requires a large number of personnel documents. Failure to comply with the law may result not only in fines on the part of labour inspections, but also in significant material risks in case of staff disputes.

Why EY?

  • High professionalism of staff and free English language.
  • Access to extensive practical experience and knowledge in staff management.
  • Multilevel quality control.

Our human resources management services may include:

  1. Installation of the workforce document system, including the development of model labour contract forms, mandatory labour law policy and other corporate documents
  2. Personnel management and administration:
    • Training package (receiving, transfer, separation, travel, leave)
    • Updating mandatory corporate documents in case of changes
    • Filling of temporary disability sheets
  3. Development of additional human resources policy.
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