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In Russia, regulations on the authorization of firearms and licenses for the organization of full-time security personnel are increasingly tightened every year. This has resulted in various factors, such as the non-use of civilian and official weapons, abuse of authority, use of unregistered guns and many others. The protection of commercial and public facilities is gradually being carried out by various enterprises with a narrow focus, such as private security companies (POPs). This fact has been recorded by Russian analysts in the early 2000s, when the crisis broke out in our country and prices in Russia have risen, and rented security personnel have become much more profitable and convenient.

One of the conveniences of a security contract is the failure of the employer to obtain the many certificates and licences required for the recruitment of security personnel. Outsourcing staff Protection is beneficial in all its manifestations, suggesting that the enterprise requires 10 security personnel to be trained, trained, issued a certification document and trained to use various weapons and special security equipment.

In order to allow rented personnel to secure facilities, each staff member is required to undergo training at grade and level. Security training courses include:

  • The legal basis for private investigatory activities and the legal framework for the protection of Russian law,
  • Individual physical training,
  • Study of private security tactics,
  • Technical and specialized training
  • Medical training for future security personnel
  • Psychological training and orientation training.

Upon completion of the vocational training course, security personnel are required to pass the knowledge validation examination related to verification of theory and practical skills with the use of civilian and official weapons and the use of special means.

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